Mission Statement

To be a relentless, restless, risk tolerant and entrepreneurial force in the insurance and financial services sector driven by its magnetic internal culture and dedication to local independent agent success.


These eight words matter. You'll hear and see them in action every day because they define our culture. They are rules and behaviors that remain constant and inform how we lead. Many of these words like FIGHT seem out of place for a brand in our category. But that's a good thing, because we aren't interested in category norms.


Windhaven Insurance™ is a company of fighters. We fight fraud. We fight complacency. We fight laziness. We fight for our customers. We would rather have a football team fighting together for a common goal than have a team of Harvard Business School Graduates. Together we can fight for a stronger company, more satisfied customers, better lives for our teammates and a better community.


At Windhaven Insurance™ we care about what we do. We are professionals with a mission to provide the best damn product for our customers. That means when a teammate needs help we pitch in. When we move offices, we all lift boxes. When someone litters on the ground, we pick up the mess. When the phone rings at 4:59, we answer it. When there is a community event, we engage.


"If it's broken, fix it". Each teammate at Windhaven Insurance™ is aligned with a common goal to provide the best product we can at the lowest possible price. Each teammate has to look within and engage in Windhaven Insurance™ improvement. No matter what you do at Windhaven Insurance™, there is always room for improvement. Look at what you do and make change and improve.


Windhaven Insurance™ is a team! We have the flattest organization in the industry designed with one main goal- TEAM. No one in Windhaven™ is larger than the company. Together, as a team, we can provide our goal to provide the lowest price, highest quality insurance product in the market.


Windhaven Insurance™ respects teammates, customers, and the community. Windhaven™ was built to be a transformational company for our stakeholders. We are all part of the value proposition that is promised by Windhaven™. Any divergence from our Core Value of RESPECT will be dealt with swiftly.


At Windhaven™, we are stewards for our policyholders. Our policyholders deserve the extra effort to receive the best possible settlements. Each settlement that saves even a dollar goes back to our policyholders that in turn allow us to provide a lower cost product that allows us to grow.


IF you encounter a barrier, break it. Windhaven™ in order to survive has to remain on the cutting edge of process, technology and teammate engagement. We are fighting giants for growth. With the competitive nature of our industry we have to find our limits and breakthrough. By using our collective intelligence through collaboration we will redefine our industry.


Enjoy your career and your company. Happiness is one of the greatest indicators of a company's potential. Fun is contagious. We want the best talent in the industry, to do so we need to HAVE FUN!