Do I receive a rental car?

If you have Rental Reimbursement on your policy, rental is paid on a reimbursement basis. When you turn in your rental car just submit your invoice for immediate reimbursement of your rental expenses. (Note: reimbursement will not include the cost of additional insurance. Subject to the terms and conditions of the endorsement. And subject to applicable policy limits)

What if there is additional damage?

If there is additional damage simply have the repair facility call our supplement hotline at 1-800-919-9114 ext. 4938 or email us at

Can Windhaven™ Insurance pay the body shop directly?

Yes. Advise your adjuster and we will get  Direction to Pay form from the repair shop, authorizing us to pay the repair shop directly.

Why do you need to include the lien-holder on the check?

Florida law requires that the lien-holder be included on any payment over $2500 on the check. With regards to first party claims, the lien holder has to be included on the check regardless of the amount.

What are the policy coverage limits?

Policy limits varies due to our vast program selections and options. A written request may be required for disclosure of the policy coverage limits in accordance to Florida Statutes.

Insurance Fraud Unit (IFU)


We fight fraud. If you spot fraud, please call us 1-844-WH-FRAUD so we can help lower the cost of auto insurance. The State Government may pay up to $25,000 to persons information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons committing crimes investigated by the Department of Insurance Fraud… Fla. Stat. §627.726(14)(a).

In Florida 1-844-WH-FRAUD or 1-844-943-7283