Clutch Analytics

ClutchAnalytics™ is the digital manufacturing arm of Windhaven™ Insurance, located in Austin, TX. This crack team is dedicated to the invention and production of technologies that solve real customer and local independent agent needs in ways that break the norms and conventions of the insurance industry.

The ClutchAnalytics™ team recently launched the first-ever comparative auto insurance rater that allows local independent agents to offer their site customers the ability to compare and buy auto insurance online directly from them. We not only build technology for local independent agents to sell auto insurance online 24/7 on their own websites, ClutchAnalytics provides data, digital marketing insights and education so local independent agents can transform their marketing plans to capture sales online. We’re looking for A-Players that have the digital chops to manufacture stuff that will help Windhaven™ Insurance continue its meteoric growth as one of the fastest growing auto insurance carriers in the country. We consider A-Players not only to have incredible talent, but yearn to be part of a unique culture that is built on Core Values that actually mean something and drives how we work and succeed. Want to trouble shoot with us or follow our digital manufacturing prowess?